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Spell to Support the Strikers

I wrote this spell specifically for my brethren in the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike, but I'll include a generic option one could use to acquire justice in any strike.

As you may know, this strike also affects my household, many friends, and several clients, so I feel extra motivated to do something. The truth is, though, there's not much I can do, at least in the mundane world. We're all struggling financially due to a lack of work, so we can't donate to any causes. And we're not in any real-world position to influence the AMPTP. Thus, this is the perfect situation to cast a spell.

I cast this spell on a Friday (Venus: abundance, prosperity, victory, fertility) at the Planetary Hour of the Sun (positivity, strength, success, power) because I felt a need to cast it immediately, but you could also cast this on a Sunday at a Venus Hour or wait until the New or Waxing Moons if you cast by Moon phases.

Best times to cast: Planetary hour of the Sun, Sunday, New Moon, or Waxing Moon.



  • 1 green or yellow candle - prosperity or success.

  • 1 coin - to become your talisman holding the energy of the candle spell.

  • 1 yellow or gold small bag with a drawstring - success.

  • Cinquefoil herb - to reach out and take what you want.

  • Spearmint herb (optional) - wealth.

  • Pennyroyal herb (optional) - wealth.

  • Tiger's eye - courage, strength, prosperity.

  • Lapis lazuli or sodalite - communication.

  • Carnelian or red Jasper (optional) - stability, grounding, passion.

  • Clear quartz (optional) - boost all other ingredients, protection, cleansing.

  • Citrine (optional) - prosperity, psychic protection.

  • Patchouli oil - to attract your desires to you.

  • High John the Conqueror oil (optional) - to control a situation.

  • Marker - gold or silver for money, black for protection, or red for vitality and energy.

  • Cauldron - or something else safe to burn your candle in.

  • Tarot Card VI of Pentacles (optional) - for those who work Tarot spells (explanation below)

  • Sigils - create your own or use mine (see below Tarot Card).


Tarot Card:

I decided to pull a card for this spell, as well. The VI of Pentacles popped out into my lap while I was shuffling. The perfect card! Prosperity, balance. We see a merchant using a scale to hand coins to the others before him, which implies fairness and payment.


Norse runes combined for a specific intention.
Bind Rune

This bind rune (above) was created with the intention of success, abundance, strength, protection, partnership, and flowing communication. All important aspects needed for any contract negotiations! Can be used for any strike.

An affirmative statement deconstructed into a symbol.
Custom Sigil

This sigil (above) was created specifically to support the WGA and SAG AFTRA strike with fair, prosperous, and productive negotiations so everyone can get back to work soon.


Before you begin your spell, be sure to gather all your ingredients wherever you're casting. Set your sacred space as your practice calls. I like to start with a Reiki box, then an LBRP, followed by casting a circle and calling the corners.

Closeup inside cauldron with lit self-lighting charcoal burning Frankincense and Myrrh resin with smoke billowing.

For this spell, I also felt the need to smoke-cleanse my place with an uplifting, positive scent to clear out any stress or negative energies or entities, but if you're allergic to smoke or live in a place where you shouldn't burn anything, you could swap the incense out for a spritz of essential oils or even sound cleansing with a singing bowl or tuning fork. I used Frankincense and Myrrh resin, but feel free to use what works best for you.


1. Purify your space with uplifting incense.

2. Run the coin through your incense to cleanse it.

3. Hold the coin and impress upon it your intentions.

4. Carve the sigils into the candle.

5. Put the candle on the coin. (*You may need to put the candle in a candle holder or directly on top.)

6. Add a couple drops of oil.

7. Add a pinch of herbs.

8. Light the candle.

9. Chant: We fight for the rights/Of the unions on strike/May the WGA and SAG-AFTRA/Get what they're after/So mote it be!

10. Let the candle burn down while you prep your charm bag by drawing either or both sigils onto it.

11. Add a spoonful or more of the herbs.

12. Add a couple drops of the oils.

13. Add your crystals.

14. And when the candle burns down, take the coin and add it to your charm bag.

15. Carry with you, keep on your altar, nightstand, or wherever you feel called to keep it until the strike is over.

Video of this spell will be added to my TikTok and FB and IG Reels.

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