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I'm currently offering a Mediumship for Witches 6-week series at the Green Man store in North Hollywood, CA. The classes are live both on Zoom and in-person starting October 4th through November 11th, 2023 (skipping Nov 1). Click below to read more or register. Scroll to read more about the various classes I've offered in the past and why, as well as a more detailed breakdown of my upcoming series.


Hi! If you haven't read my About Me, my name is Melissa, and I see dead people. Not only that, but I also believe you can, too, and I know I can show you how.

I experienced my first spirit as a young child. Here's an excerpt from my book Essential Signs from the Afterlife (Rockridge Press):

I grew up in rural Massachusetts, where my grandmother taught me how to see fairies and sense the spirits of people who lived on our land before us. But my experience with the afterlife really started when I was three years old. My grandfather had recently passed. I walked into my grandma’s bedroom and asked, “Why are you crying?”


“Because grandpa is gone,” she replied.


“No, he isn’t,” I said. “He’s over there.” I pointed to a chair in the corner.

As I grew older, I learned to suppress my abilities in order to better fit in with kids at school and society in general. I suffered from debilitating social anxiety caused by what I now know was unchecked telepathic abilities. Once I learned to control my psychic senses, I was able to overcome public speaking and other blocks. As I further trained and developed my mediumship abilities, especially after a dear friend—who was also a published psychic—passed away, I started hosting seances and experimenting with various ways to communicate with the dead. I've also co-led live-streaming paranormal investigations for the Dark Zone and the Spirit Realm Network, as well as private investigations with my own team, S.I.G.H.T. Paranormal (Socal Intuitive Ghost Hunting Team).

While some of us are born with naturally stronger psychic abilities, similar to math, music, art, or athletics, I believe all of us can learn how to better read people (and animals!) through intuition and connect with spirits through mediumship, both mental and physical.

My classes aim to teach just that.

Mediumship for Witches

I mix mediumship development with spellcrafting to enhance both.

Each class will begin with opening the circle, lessons on what mediumship is, and how to further your abilities, as well as how to incorporate your witchcraft to empower both. We’ll close with a guided meditation, mediumship training, and spellcrafting. (Materials not provided. A list of ingredients needed will be given to all students.)

Class 1 (Oct 4): Introduction & Overview, Sigil Spell to set intentions

Class 2 (Oct 11): Protection & Wards, Witch Bells for protection while working with spirits

Class 3 (Oct 18): Spirit Guides, Charm Bags to connect with your Spirit Guides

Class 4 (Oct 25): The Clairs (or Mental Mediumship), Hekate’s Key spell to unlock your abilities

Class 5 (Nov 8): Auras (or Perceiving & Manipulating Energy), Ancestor* Box for grounding (*note: you do not need to know your ancestors, and ancestors do not need to be biological, can be ascended masters, deities, etc.)

Class 6 (Nov 11): Seance Tools (or Physical Mediumship), Spirit Communication Candle

Other Classes

@ Cosmic Joy Club (upcoming): Meet Your Spirit Guides

@ The Green Man Store (previously): Mediumship Training, Mediumship for Witches 2, Seance Workshop, Intro to Pet Communication, & Intuitive Tarot

@ Season of the Witch Conference (previously): Spirit Scribbling (or Automatic Writing & Drawing)

@ Hearthorse (previously): Intro to Animal Communication

@ The Crooked Path (previously): Psychic Development Circle

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