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30 Real Signs from the Afterlife

Recognizing and Understanding Messages from Lost Loved Ones

by Melissa St. Hilaire

Discover signals from the spirit world and connect with those you've lost



"For anyone looking for that perfect accompaniment to their library, I cannot recommend Melissa St. Hilaire’s book 30 Real Signs from the Afterlife enough. Not only is Melissa a dear friend, but she has been a great teacher to me. This book is chock-full of beautifully shared wisdom, to help the seeker understand that we are all interconnected and never alone."

— Mena Suvari, Actress and Producer


"Pulling from her own magickal encounters and vast wealth of knowledge, Melissa St. Hilaire makes peering beyond the veil both exciting and possible. Whether you're an experienced psychic-medium or just getting started, this book is sure to unleash beautifully profound moments of connection with those who have crossed over."

— Renée Watt, Writer and Astrologer


Signs of the spirit world are all around us— which means contacting loved ones and pets who have passed on is possible. This guide shows you how to communicate with the afterlife by noticing and decoding the signs and messages it sends. Author Melissa St. Hilaire explains the essential steps to sensing and understanding spirit energy, setting good intentions before contacting spirits, making a connection, and maintaining that connection for as long as you want.

  • Know the signs — Be ready when the spirits reach out by exploring 30 different ways they make contact, including paranormal activity, a sudden animal appearance, or targeting your senses.

  • Commune and connect — Learn how to keep communication open with meditation, séances, mementos, and more. Then, learn to strengthen those connections through conduits like candles or crystal balls.

  • The meaning in the message — From phantom flavors to psychic visions and temperature changes, learn how to interpret each sign and understand the guidance it is offering you.

  • Record what you receive — Keep track of your messages from your loved ones with fill-in pages that offer space to describe the details of every sign you encounter and what it meant to you.

Open yourself up to the spirits that surround you with help from the 30 Real Signs From the Afterlife.

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