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Manifestation Spell with Crystal Grid

As mentioned in the latest episode of my podcast, the Circle Cast by AmericanWitch13, clarity of desire and focused intentions help you manifest. Working with crystals in a grid is a perfect way to help you focus.

Crystal grids are where you place your crystals in a particular formation or pattern so they can work together to help you achieve your desires.

Kiera Fogg writes in her book Crystal Gridwork, "A healing crystal grid combines the power of multiple crystals to build an energetic map that can guide us in the direction of our goals and create real and tangible changes in our lives."

What patterns or formations should you choose, and why do they work?

Fogg writes, "Often referred to as 'sacred geometry,' our Universe is made up of shapes that can be found repeated in various natural formations...Crystal gridwork builds on sacred patterns to bring the natural divine order of the Universe to our crystal grids."

In her book, she provides 12 examples of grid formations (which I highly recommend checking out, as she also takes you on a deep dive into which types and shapes of crystals to use for various intentions). Still, for our purpose of doing a manifestation spell, we'll use the Flower of Life. Its perfectly kaleidoscopic patterns reflect divine harmony, drawing in its power to help you manifest your dreams. "It is for this reason that the Flower of Life is believed to contain within it the blueprint of the Universe," writes Fogg.

Note: You'll also need to choose your crystals. I'll share the ones I chose for my spell and why. You're welcome to replicate these, as I picked them specifically to help with anything you'd like to manifest, or you can swap them out for any other crystals you prefer.

What You'll Need:

- Flower of Life pattern (You can print this out or draw it on paper. Or if you have the pattern etched into something like a copper bowl or block of selenite, you can use that instead. I'm using a selenite block because it will also keep the crystals charged.)

- Crystals:

- Apatite (manifests, inspires, boosts intuition)

- Citrine (manifests, attracts abundance, energizes, creates clarity)

- Kyanite (clears energy, removes blocks, connects with spirit guides)

- Blue lace agate (calms, boosts self-expression)

- Black obsidian (removes fear, repels negativity, protects, grounds)

- Tiger's eye (facilitates manifestation, promotes clarity, balances, energizes, boosts courage, clears blocks)

- A small, pointy clear quartz wand (activates all crystals, optional)

- Small piece of paper

- Pen or pencil


1. Choose a spot to create your grid.

2. Gather your ingredients.

3. Set your sacred space (cast a circle or however your tradition does so).

4. Take a moment to center yourself and neutralize your emotions. You can do this by meditating, playing soothing music, burning pleasant incense, or using your favorite essential oils.

5. Then, think about what you want to manifest. Be as clear as possible with your desires.

6. Write them down, fold your paper, and place it underneath your Flower of Life grid pattern.

7. Next, collect your crystals and place them on the grid. They may be different shapes and sizes, so play with them a little. Let your creativity flow. Move them around until they feel right.

8. If you're using an activation wand, choose a crystal to be your centerpiece (I chose apatite because it was the most in line with what I wanted to manifest), then tap it with the end of your wand, tap another crystal, then tap your centerpiece crystal again, and repeat this action with all the other crystals.

9. Set your wand aside and chant:

Crystals upon the grid

Do as I bid

Attract what I want to me

Manifest, so mote it be!

10. Keep it where it is, or move it to an altar or windowsill until you achieve your goals.

For more on manifestation, listen to the latest episode of my podcast, the Circle Cast by AmericanWitch13.

(Spell inspired by my friend and reiki teacher, Natalie. You can find her on IG and TikTok @natalienaturemagic & @thehouseofartemis.)

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