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Friday I’m In Love Spell

Since love is the number one spell I get asked to do, I thought I’d offer you my cunning take on a love spell within the realm of positive magick.

Many do love spells to get a specific person to love them, BUT any spell that takes away someone else's free will, even in the name of love, is considered harmful magick.

Instead, try sending that particular person love, giving them the freedom to choose whether to consent and return the love or not. The key is sending love with no expectation of return. You can hope for sure, but once it becomes expected, it's no longer from a pure intention.

And with that, I now present to you a simple love-sending candle spell that I’ve decided to name ‘Friday I’m in Love Spell’ because Friday is the day of Venus and love, beauty, emotions, passion, pleasure, romance, sexuality, fertility, and abundance.

When: Friday, Waxing Moon

Ingredients (* = optional):

  • Pink (or white) candle

  • Carving tool

  • Patchouli oil*

  • Lavender oil (or any oil associated with love)

  • Dried roses (or any herbs/flowers associated with love)

  • Red glitter (bio-friendly) or saffron

  • Rose quartz*

Step 1: Carve the name or initials of the person you want to send love to. You can even carve your name if you want to send self-love.

Step 2: Carve your symbols. I carved the sigil for Venus and a heart with Cupid’s arrow through it. (The arrow has collected divine love from above to send down to someone on the earthly plane.)

Step 3: Anoint your candle with oil. I used both Patchouli and Lavender. Patchouli draws things to you, so it’s great for money spells too. I imagined it would aid in drawing divine love to me that I would send out to whoever. So you can use or skip that, but the Lavender oil is pretty crucial as that’s associated with love, though you could use any oil that is as well, like jasmine or rose.

Step 4: Rub red glitter or saffron on your candle. Red because it represents fire and passion. Glitter because it’s sparkly and reflects, acting as a sort of mirror, which can be a portal to the spirit world to help manifest your love from concept to reality. But also because it helps make your sigils pop. Or, if you prefer to avoid all glitter, you can use saffron. The red color carries the same properties as red glitter and adds the power of saffron.

Note: When rubbing on any oils or glitters, you rub towards you to draw to you and away to release something. I rubbed both ways because I was thinking about receiving and transmuting divine love, but I’ll leave that choice up to you!

Step 5: Sprinkle on your herbs. I used roses because, of course.

Step 6: Chant. You can write your own or use the one I wrote:

On this day of Venus

I send love between us

Asking for nothing in return

I send my love as this fire burns

To [state name of person]

So mote it be!

Step 7: Light the candle and let it burn down. If you can’t, don’t blow it out; use a snuffer.

Note: I placed a hunk of rose quartz next to the candle to give it more oomph. This is optional. If you want to get all fancy, create a crystal grid around your candle with rose quartz, amethyst, desert rose, malachite, sugilite, and any other crystal associated with love.

The last time I did this spell, it resulted in overnight results, which blew my mind!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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