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Carrie's Spell

Carrie Wolf shares a secret spell in Secrets of the Craft: Episode 1.

Shade Uncrossing Spell

Intention: When someone throws shade at you or talks wrong about you or to you, it's a way to take that energy and use it to your benefit.

Note: Don't make it about the other person. Make it about you. You're taking the spirit that they've created of that hatred or annoyance or whatever it is, and you're working on that only. You're not doing anything against the other person. The other person shouldn't enter into it because once they do, there's no undoing it. Instead, you're working on what they've created between you—that energy or spirit.


  • 3 chime candles (1 black, 1 white, 1 green)

  • 3 candleholders

  • fire (lighter or matchstick, etc.)


  1. Hold the black candle and think of the situation without making the other person a part of it. Think about how you feel. Think about the shade being thrown. Think about the nasty things that were being said. Bring that energy and spirit into yourself, then breathe it out of you and into the black candle. Let the black candle have that spirit, put it into its holder, and light it. The fire gives life to the spirit you want to alchemize. Let it burn to almost the bottom, but don't let it go out.

  2. Hold the white candle, light it from the flame of the black candle, and place it in its holder. The purpose is to take the energy—not its intent, not how it makes you feel, just the energy—and cleanse it into pure energy. There's no hate in there, no shade in there, only energy. The white candle takes the negative energy and transmutes it into pure energy that can be used for another purpose. Wait for that candle to burn down to almost done, but don't let the flame go out.

  3. Hold the green candle, light it from the nub of the white candle, and put it in its holder. The purpose of this green candle is to take that pure energy and bring you prosperity. Let that burn until it goes out on its own.

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Watch Secrets of the Craft on Dead Air: Full Spectrum here:

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